Before the internet, promotion and spreading the word about something wasn’t so easy, but people still built amazing creations from scratch. It wasn’t just a click of a button, you had to get up and get dirty. Selling door to door, posting up flyers, hosting events, passing out stickers, and a bunch more. All of the above is so underestimated when it comes to building! So what are we doing about it?
   We’re putting together the ILLEGAL STREET TEAM! The illegal street team is a team of both male and female individuals looking to be apart of something big. Taking it to the streets to create relationships and spread the brands message. One of the oldest sayings in the book "Teamwork makes the dream work", applies heavy to the street team. You will be working with like minded individuals to increase the brand exposure in the Pittsburgh area. Along with working with the brand, you will occasionally distribute Illegal Records signed artists albums and projects. Street team activity will take place usually on weekends during the day. Anyone can join the street team, all you have to do is message us!
Check out this video below to see the team in action!

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  • Titus Blackburn on

    I’m interested in spreading the word🔥

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