ILLEGAL X CRASH RARRI: Meet N' Greet, Signing, and Live Performance

Summer has brought endless opportunities for Illegal and we cannot wait for this one.  This weekend we are hosting our first meet and greet. Crash Rarri will be lighting it up with the Illegal Family on Saturday. With little over a year in the industry, Rarri is already making waves in the rap world, and his potential is infinite. His experiences early on included managing DJ’s and throwing parties in and around Ohio. He then joined Ohio’s Insomniac Mob, giving him the platform to tell his story. Now, Rarri’s undeniable knack for catchy hooks and sonic personality is helping his popularity spread across the country.  He recently completed his West Coast tour with artist Steven Cannon, and he is now making his way to the Steel City.

We first came across Rarri’s song Famous/Spaceship during an Illegal Apparel party. Our DJ always knows how to get the hips moving.  He threw on the track and the party went dumb. A few days later we contacted Rarri’s manager to open the door for future opportunities. Within a week we sent him some gear, and six days later he was on instagram vibin' to his unreleased music with a full Illegal kit. Recognizing his interest we took the initiative to pursue our relationship. We finessed our way backstage to meet the genius at the nation’s largest college music festival, The Numbers Fest. It was amazing meeting someone who backed the Illegal movement as much as he did. We were ready to plan our next project with the Ohio superstar.

After securing our summer pop-up, we knew it would be the perfect time for us to collaborate. An idea was born and put into action. Taking place this Saturday at 12:00 PM, Illegal presents … The ILLEGAL X CRASH RARRI Meet N’ Greet, Signing, and Performance.  Be the first 5 in line and receive a free ILLEGAL X CRASH RARRI Collab T-shirt. In addition, five new products (including the Collab T-shirt) will hit the shelves. Rarri will have the place jumping, and the Illegal Family will experience a day like no other. Let’s show Rarri what the Illegal Family is about. Tell everyone and their mamas to get to 2333 East Carson St. this Saturday at noon.

See you there


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