Illegal takes an approach at luxury and elegance. Our new Crescent Turtleneck brings style and attitude to every gentleman's closet. Pairing perfectly with our Women’s piece, The Mersur Denim Jacket complimented with fox fur. Make a night out of it, power couple engaged.

  Turtlenecks are a classic high fashioned item. It takes some guts to wear a turtleneck, being that it’s the 21st century. The good news is the Illegal Family is meant to be different. Sport the turtle neck with a blazer or any other jacket in your closet.  

   Have full power to do whatever you want with the Mersur Denim Jacket. The adjustable strings in the back can go any which way, and the removable fur allows it to transform into any type of jacket.

   You guys haven’t even heard the best news... Illegal will begin rolling out the SS19 Campaign starting in March. It will contain pieces that have never crossed the human eye. Illegal will keep leveling up with the gear in coming years and we’re stoked to have you apart of it.

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