Spring '18

No winter lasts forever.  Spring is here and so is your new gear. This season is mother nature’s way of saying let’s party.  So, we added some eye popping colors like Buttery Yellow, Island Reef Green, and Rosé Reckless Pink. We also brought some Spring essentials to the table with clean and classy logo t’s and our fresh and breathable Freemont hoodies. Lose yourself in Deadly Waters with our long sleeves, find your summer body with our Rosé Reckless leggings, and slug some margaritas with our Play in Luxury tees.

To anyone tired of janky leggings that don’t make you feel like the gym queen. We have the answer!  Diving deep into performance and ability, we birthed the Rosé Reckless leggings and sports bras; a major gear upgrade. The Rosé Reckless kit was developed in our lab with nylon, spandex, and ab support, offering you comfort and power when you’re workin’ on that booty. On top of the performance features, the mesh ventilation, accentuated logo, high waist, and rosé flare make this kit fit for any occasion.

Another one of your new pieces, the Cross-Check hockey jersey, will knock you off your feet. The NHL playoffs are underway, and this jersey is sure to have you feelin’ like a Stanley Cup Champion. It reps the black and gold and sports the number 14 for the infamous year the Illegal Family burst onto the scene. The stitched logo and authentic craftsmanship make this jersey the real deal.

The Spring ‘18 collection delivers vibrant new colors and essential gear to the Illegal Family’s wardrobe.  Sexy leggings, hard hockey jerseys, and more; all of this new product is going to grab your brother’s, sister’s, friend’s, mom’s, dad’s, dog’s, grand parent’s and your attention. So, get first dibs here before your puppy starts thottin’ around with your gear.

Looking good and feeling good, that’s the Illegal way.  

Hustle for your happiness. Be Illegal. 


Gym leggingsLong sleeve shirt




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