Still only the beginning | 2018 Recap and 2019 Plans

   Twenty Eighteen was on blast, and the way we closed it out was a movie. Stage broke, cops came, windows broken, and reckless behavior made the night. Closing it out was just a small snippet of 2018. This past year was filled with big accomplishments, relationships made, trips taken and stores opening. From show-out Saturday’s to the music festivals, 2018 was fucking awesome. The growth that happened during 2018 was surreal and we cannot not thank the Illegal Family enough. We loved seeing everyone at #FEST and breakaway. Hosting concerts for the next artists to come out of Pittsburgh was always lit! A new year brings new and bigger opportunities.

    Twenty Nineteen has just started and we are ready to take it by the horns. We don’t like to give to much away, because we love to surprise you guys, but I guess we can let you in on a little info. If you were blessed enough to be at the NYE Party, you heard the biggest announcement. Illegal will be introducing a record label that will be known as Illegal Records. We will have a fully equipped recording studio to capture the best talent to come out of Pittsburgh. Backing that will be artist management, content creation, social media help and so much more. And what new gear will look like, don’t even get me started. Illegal will be dropping a massive collection in the next couple months. Pieces that will shook the human eye. We’re talking next level gear. I could go on talking about our plans in 2019 forever, but it’s better for you guys to just be apart of them.


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