Welcome to the team Carson Kerr

We are proud to announce the addition of young up-and-comer Carson Kerr to the snow team! Carson is a Pittsburgh native with the usual 7 Springs as his technical “home mountain”. However, recently he has been taking a shot at the big leagues with his recent relocation out west, making Park City his new home.


No one quite knows where Carson’s carefree style comes from but it shows all across the board from his snapchat stories to his skiing. Carson is definitely one of a kind and there is no doubt you will be able to understand that just by watching one of his edits. They’re filled with hammers all the way through including a couple tricks you almost never see. Along with Carson’s own editing adding that little extra flair. Honestly, we have been watching Carson’s skiing long before putting him on the team, and every single edit he comes out with becomes our new favorite edit. But don’t just take our word for it… watch him for yourself and you decide.

₪TØØ RVRX₪ ✝ CARSON KERR A.K.A. YUNG KERREN$Y from Carson Kerr on Vimeo.


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