Illegal Script logo

The mark that started the movement. Created by the founder, Frank, and his brother, in their parent's basement during the year of 2013. The next year, Frank turned the iconic mark into what is known as ILLEGAL. The Script Mark represents you and anything that you want it to mean. Be undeniably you. Be Illegal



ILGL marking
Our ILGL™ mark was introduced at the end of 2018. The public first laid eyes on the simplified mark when it was placed on the front of our flagship store. We opened our flagship in November of 2018 and released the first collection sporting the mark.











Illegal Apparel Co’s foundation is centered around a single goal; to create a family so unique and true to ourselves that nothing can get in our way. We are a family that never gives up and lives life on our own terms.
To be Illegal means that you are undeniably you. No matter what someone says or thinks, you stay true to yourself.
Go after what you want. Hustle for your happiness. Be ILLEGAL.